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Total 2261 layouts:

World-class designed original photos and graphics available free to all customers

Hundreds of content elements:

EIZOKU offers a huge number of content elements. Hundreds more free and commercial elements available for download. EIZOKU’s vast feature set and active ecosystem make it uniquely versatile.

SSL Certificate

Protect sensitive data with SSL
SSL certificates encrypt all data transmission between your server and your visitors, protecting financial and credit card transactions, login credentials, email content, and other sensitive information. Required if you accept credit card payments, but recommended for all websites as it is an official ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm.


A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a tool that speeds up your website when your traffic is geographically distributed across multiple countries or continents. A CDN caches content across a global network of servers and loads your website from the one closest to the visitor.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a tool that speeds up your website when your traffic is geographically distributed across multiple countries or continents. It caches your website’s content and distributes it across multiple data centers around the world. When someone visits your site, content is served from the server closest to the visitor.


Backing up your data is essential to your site’s security and uptime. Rest assured that you can easily restore your website and email from the daily backups we create. Make sure you make controlled changes to your site by manually creating backups. Both manual and automatic backups are retained for 30 days after creation for shared plans and 7 days for cloud.

Site Scanner

Protect your site from malware
Our site scanner helps protect your site by constantly crawling and analyzing your pages for signs of malware. We also identify the latest malware threats and notify you via email. Timely response is essential for preventing and recovering from hacking.


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