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Free Content Elements From The Community

Just like WordPress, Divi has a thriving ecosystem of third party plugins that greatly expand Divi’s functionality. There are dozens of free content elements built by the community that you can install and use to build your website.

1. 3d Image

The 3d image module allows you to manipulate images in three dimensions using various 3d controls. You can tilt and rotate images to add depth to your page instead of always using flat images. This is a great way to add that extra dimension to your designs.

2. Advanced Divider

The Advanced Divider module is a nifty tool for creating decorative dividers in Divi. The options support different divider types which allow you to display custom icons, text, and/or images with your dividers. It even has helpful built-in SVG designs you can add and customize using the Divi Builder.

3. Alert

Every website needs alert boxes. They allow you to publish essential messages to your visitors like notices, warnings, or other important information. The Alert module allows you to add various types of alert boxes and designs in Divi with only a few clicks. Plus, the module comes with a built-in dismiss button that will hide the message on click.

4. Before & After Image

The before and after image module is an interactive module that allows a visitor to slide between two different images at the sale time. As you reveal one part or the image, the other part becomes masked by the revealed image. This module is used to create “before and after” comparisons between two similar images. As you slide to reveal both versions of the image, you can more easily compare the two.

5. Business Hours

The business hours module makes it easy to display the working hours of your business on your website. Let your visitors know what days of the week and during what time of day you are open . This is a great addition to every “about” page, and it’s also a great module to place in your website’s footer if you are a brick and mortal business. A lot of people will visit your website just to figure out when you are open!

6. Caldera Forms

The Caldera Forms module can be used to easily add forms built with Caldera Forms to your page. Using the Caldera Forms module, you can customize every part of your form thanks to Divi’s wide range of design settings. This is the best way to use Caldera Forms with Divi.

7. Card

The Card module is a multi-purpose tool for showcasing a combination of content in a create card display. Use it to promote products, services, and other types of content in creative ways. All elements are easily customizable using the Divi Builder.

8. Contact Form 7

The Contact Form 7 module allows you to easily add forms built with the Contact Form 7 plugin to your page, with the added benefit of being able to customize every part of the form using Divi’s wide range of design settings. This is the best way to use Contact Form 7 with Divi.

9. Dual Button

The Dual Button module makes it easy to create two side-by-side buttons in Divi. This works great for those headers that require dual CTAs to increase engagement and conversions.

10. Embed Google Maps

The embed Google maps modules makes it easy to add Google maps to your website. If you are looking for the simplest solution for embedding Google maps, this module works great.

11. Facebook Comments

The Facebook comments module allows your visitors to comment on your page using their Facebook accounts. The Facebook commenting system can be used as a great alternative to native WordPress comments because it can reduce spam and, since most people already have a Facebook account, they don’t need to log in or register to post a comment.

12. Facebook Feed

The Facebook feed module allows you to embed a live feed of Facebook posts on your website. This is a great way to promote your Facebook page and grow your following. It’s also a great way to keep your visitors informed about your latest updates without them needing to visit your Facebook profile directly.

13. Flipbox

The Flipbox module flips content on hover and reveals new content underneath. It’s a great way to consolidate content and create a fun and interactive experience for your visitors. This modules comes with various flip effects, including some really fun 3d effects that will certainly wow your visitors.

14. Gradient Text

Using the gradient text module, you can apply gradients to text to create vibrant headlines. Your text acts as a mask for your gradient. You can fully customize your gradients using Divi’s built-in gradient builder to create all kinds of stunning text effects!

15. Icon Box

The Icon Box module is a versatile module for displaying a box of content (including an icon, title, description, and badge) in creative ways. The module comes with convenient customization options using the Divi Builder. Use it to feature just about any content you want.

16. Icon List

The icon list module creates a list with multiple items, with each item containing a unique icon that you choose. Along with icons, each list item can be assigned a tooltip that appears on hover. You can do a lot with this module, such as creating pricing tables, restaurant menus and more.

17. Image Accordion

The image accordion module is used to reveal images and text on hover. A single accordion can be used to display multiple image and text-based slides. As you hover over the accordion, each slide expands while the others contract. One slide is revealed at a time and all slides are consolidated into a single accordion with a fixed width. This is a fun and interactive module that can be used as a great alternative to traditional website sliders.

18. Image Carousel

The Image Carousel module is a mult-purpose carousel slider for Divi. Use it to display products or portfolios in a compact and intuitive carousel slider that is also responsive. You can customize every element using the Divi Builder as well!

19. Info Box

The Info Box module is a versatile module for displaying a box of content (media, text, and button) in creative ways. The module comes with convenient customization options including media placement, hover overlays, and much more. Use it to feature just about any content you want.

20. Logo Carousel

Logo carousel sliders are perfect for showcasing a lot of companies in one small area of a web page. The Logo Carousel module make it easy to create a logo carousel slider in Divi. This is great for showcasing clients you’ve work with or company sponsors, and it would work well on an “As Featured In” section of your site.

21. Logo Grid

The Logo Grid module makes it extremely easy to get a logo or image grid up and running on your site in seconds. The built-in options are intuitive, giving you control over all kinds of helpful design options including the number of columns, hover styles, tooltips, and more!

22. Lottie Animation

Lottie animations are high-resolution and light-weight animated illustrations that are perfect for the web. These JSON-based animations have a very small file sized when compared to videos. Since they are vector-based, they are displayed at much higher resolutions than videos and they have much higher frame rates that gifs. You can use this module to display lottie animations that you download on your website.

23. News Ticker

The News Ticker module allows you to create a news ticker (or scrolling marque) of posts, pages, media, popups, or projects on your website. Use it to feature posts or projects in an animated news ticker for your site. Each of the scrolling items will automatically redirect you to the content source when clicked. All elements are customizable using the Divi Builder.

24. Number

The Number module is a convenient tool for elevating the design of numbers on your Divi site. The module gives you full control over the design of number text, positioning, and background design so you can easily create outstanding number block designs. It even has number counter animation built-in as well.

25. Post Carousel

The Post Carousel module is a lightweight, fast & powerful carousel slider for your blog posts. The module includes convenient options to control the design and functionality of the slider and post displays. It supports touch swipe, mouse drag, and auto-play functionality.

26. Price List

The price list module creates a list of products and their associated prices. Price lists are a great way to give a price breakdown for a product bundle. It’s also a great way to create restaurant menus. You can use the price list module to list every food item on a restaurant’s menu along with a price and description.

27. Reviews

The Review module makes it easy to create custom reviews with star ratings on your website. The module includes a customizable image, title, star rating, and description. The helpful built-in options allow you to customize things like rating scale, rating, rating number, and more.

28. Shapes

The shapes module allows you to create and combine a variety of shapes together and use them as accent elements on your page. Shapes are great when combined with images and other elements. You can use them to make your designs fun and organic, and to propagate your brand’s colors and identity throughout your website. There are lots of fun ways you can use shapes in web design!

29. Skill Bars

Progressive bars are great for showcasing progressive stats (like skills) in colorful visual bars. The Skill Bars module allows you to create and customize skill bars, a collection of progressive bars to showcase your skills (or anything). Each bar has individual design settings that allow you to add unique titles, fill levels, percentages, and more.

30. Supreme Menu

The supreme menus module lets you create vertical menus. You can fully customize your menu design and choose from unique text hover effects that you won’t find in the standard Divi menu module. These menus are great for use in website sidebars or as tables of contents in your blog posts and other long pages.

31. Team

The Advanced Team module is a comprehensive module that allows you to display team member photos and information on your website with ease. Built-in options allow you to customize team member info including name, title, and social media links.

32. Text Badges

The text badges module combines text with text badges, which are highlighted words or phrases made prominent by background colors. Badges are like labels that accompany a line of text, which can be used as a form of categorization or as a way to bring attention to a particular line of text.

33. Text Divider

The Text Divider module combines text and line elements to create more visually-striking headings. This is a great way to use headings to create visual line breaks in your design.

34. Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a smart, simple, and scalable LMS solution that has gone above and beyond to integrate with Divi by creating 23+ custom Divi modules that you can use to build your entire eLearning website. It removes any limitations of using an eLearning-specific WordPress theme by allowing you to customize their modules to the styling and branding you want using Divi’s customization features. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to build a modern, well-designed eLearning website.

35. Twitter Carousel

Twitter Carousel is a simple and powerful Divi tool for embedding a Twitter feed in an elegant carousel slider. The module has many useful features that make it easy to sync up an account and customize everything using the Divi Builder.

36. Twitter Timeline

The twitter timeline module display a feed of twitter posts ordered by date. You can choose how many twitter posts to display in your timeline and control which element appear in each post. This is a great way to promote your twitter profile and let your website visitors read your latest tweets without visiting your profile.

37. Typing Effect

The typing effect module creates text that types itself! This animated typing effect is a great way to capture your visitors attention and ensure they read important phrases. Use the typing effect in your page hero or your call to action to increase engagement.

38. Video Popup

Video popups are great for keeping the attention of visitors on your video whenever they click to view it. So it’s important that you make the popup link as appealing as possible. The Video Popup module allows you to build a clickable image and button that resembles a video so that, when clicked, the real video will be displayed in a beautiful popup.

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