Content Elements

Native Structural Elements

Structural elements are used to organize your content elements using horizontal and vertical contains such as rows and columns.

1. Columns

Divi comes with a handful of different column layouts, each of which can be used to accommodate content of varying sizes. Columns are vertical organizational elements that sit inside of horizontal rows. Each column comes with its own set of design options and can be fully customized inside Askerx.com’s visual builder.

2. Rows

Rows are horizontal organization elements that are housed inside of sections. Each row contains a set of columns.  Each row creates a horizontal break between itself and the next collection of columns. Rows come with their own set of design options and can be fully customized using Askerx.com’s visual builder.

3. Sections

Sections are Divi’s largest organization element and are used to contain collection of rows.You can think of them as horizontal stacking blocks that group your content into visually distinguishable areas. In Askerx.com, everything you build starts with a section.

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